Live blackjack online casino – become the best player

Every player and even non-player knows the name of this wonderful game. Various movies and other cinematographic products have widely popularized blackjack. Everything that matters here is the intense competition between the gamer and the casino dealer and not between gamers.

Live gaming is becoming increasingly popular and the quantity of casinos that provide live versions of blackjack is growing fast. The game happens in the physical room with a real table and a real dealer. The action is broadcasted and shown as the real-time video to all blackjack participants who are sitting at the other side of the screen at the same moment.

The result of the game as always is defined by counting the points of the hands of gamers and the dealer. 21 is the most desired value that means immediate victory. The gamer will win if:

  1. he gets 21 points called blackjack;
  2. he gets more points than the dealer and this number is less than 21;
  3. the dealer gets points exceeding 21.

Live versions add a great real atmosphere to the game.

The main details of online blackjack live

With just a little bit of experience, this whole system becomes very simple and understandable. The following details characterize the game:

  1. each table has betting limits and participants can place their bets only within those limits;
  2. the game starts with betting and participants choose the victory of the gamer, the casino dealer or that their results will be even;
  3. when cards are given in the quantity of two to each player and the dealer, everyone at the table has to proceed with blackjack moves – players estimate their chances and move as they believe will be successful;
  4. the result is defined by the points of hands that are counted as follows: 2-10 as 2-10 correspondingly, faces as 10, an ace as 11 or 1.

All moves can be made intuitively or by following strategies that show the most favorable situation with the known cards. The moves are:

  • Stand – do nothing and pass the move;
  • Hit – ask one more card until you are satisfied with your combo or reach 22 or more;
  • Double Down – double your bet;
  • Split Pairs – divide even cards into two combos;
  • Surrender – claim half of the initial bet and leave the game.

Besides common bets, live blackjack games online also allow you to make extra bets including “Bet Behind”, “Perfect Pairs”, and “21+3”. These additional bets make the game more interesting and offer additional chances of winning.

It is useful to use an optimal strategy in live blackjack. It provides a proper way of making your moves according to the revealed card of the dealer and minimizes the losses that you may experience. The strategy provides the chart where your cards cross the dealer’s card and that spot shows a particular move.

Advantages of choosing a live version over a common one

Live casinos try to resemble land-based ones but with more comfortable conditions and extra advantages such as:

  1. the access whenever and wherever you want;
  2. the real-time communication with dealers who are real persons and asking any needed game questions;
  3. the real-time chat with other participants of the live blackjack online casino.

All you need to enjoy this version is to find a trustworthy and reputable online website that provides live blackjack or a totally live casino website and create an account there.

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