This old car is going to trek

10,000 miles in 36 days

to prove that any goal can be achieved, even ending polio!

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Miss Vicky

Meet Miss Vicky

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Miss Vicky. She's a plucky old 1931 Ford Victoria with plenty of life left in her. Miss Vicky is unique because so few of these models were made, and even fewer are ready for a 10,000 mile trek! It's been our dream to take Miss Vicky on The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge for a long time and we are honored to be partnering with Rotary's PolioPlus to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness about the fight to end polio.

We know this is a lot to ask of a car that’s so old. We are doing it to prove a point. The journey to eliminate polio has been rough too and yet, we continue.

Here are our goals:

This 86-year-old car is going to trek 10,000 miles in 36 days to help put an end to polio. These are not easy miles either. It’s through some of the harshest country known to man. Starting in Beijing, China, the journey will take this, and 99 other vintage cars, over treacherous mountains and across blistering hot deserts, all the way to Paris, France.

We are doing it to prove a point: While the journey to eliminate polio has been rough, the end is in sight. Even though there are still plenty of miles left to go, with your help, we will succeed!

% Polio Free
Miss Vicky's route

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If you withdraw the incredible focus on polio, it will spread back, and in poor countries you'll get something like 100,000 cases a year. So by being very intense and getting the cases down to zero, what you do is you avoid all the future cases.

- Bill Gates -