Travel Light

This is a series of posts from a previous participant in the Peking to Paris motor challenge, from 2013

1.) TRAVEL LIGHT!  Pack the car with all your gear and then fight with each other to strip ounces out of each other’s packs! Travel with the barest of essentials. Weight is your enemy; it will beat the crap out of your car’s suspension and will cause you to break down. You should only have 2 sets of clothing – one on your back and one clean set in the car. If you have anything more than that, you’ve missed the whole point of this exercise! If your tool bag has wrenches in it for bolts that don’t exist on your car, leave the extras at home! If you can share something instead of taking two – share! (Toothbrushes and underwear are exempt.) If you don’t need something in/on your car, leave it behind (ie: your back seat) – every ounce counts! Be ruthless on this issue! Buy the lightest sleeping bag and camping tent possible. Consider pants with zippered legs to prevent having to pack shorts. Weigh everything & look for lighter alternatives! Turn it into a contest between the two of you! Get into the best physical shape of your life before you depart (you may need it along the way). A good way for some to lighten the car by 40 lbs is for each of you to train for cardio and for endurance and to lose 20 lbs each. Send everything that you think you might need but are unsure about carrying with you to a hotel on the journey. Keep forwarding it, if necessary. You may find yourself abandoning some of your gear along the way – be prepared to leave that expensive, brand-new, lightweight tent behind once you’re finished camping. I’m not making this stuff up…

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  1. Lee on February 9, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    I’m already on a diet so I can take an extra pair of undies… this is really going to be a challenge1