Consult your Doctor & Have Fun

This is the conclusion of a series of posts from a past participant of the Peking to Paris 10,000 mile rally. This is the same trek we will be taking next year for Polio Plus.

5. Consult your doctor well ahead of time and make sure that you fill him/her in on what craziness you’re about to get yourself into. Look after all meds that you might require ahead of time and get all the required shots.

6.) Visit your lawyer and update your Will. We lost one participant in 2013. It’s happened before, as well.

Camels on Trek to end polio

7.) Have fun! You’re about to embark on probably the most difficult challenge of your lifetime! You’ll have times when you’re hurt, you’re filthy and you smell. You’ll be dead-dog tired for much of the journey. You’ll have days where you’re stressed and you’re cold and you’re hungry. You’ll meet some amazing people who will share in your laughter and in your tears. You’ll see parts of this world that most people never see – or who see only on National Geographic. You’ll have days where you curse everything and days where you’ll laugh all day long. One day you’ll be eating bare essentials from a tin plate (and marvelling at how good it tastes because you’re so tired and hungry) and the next you’ll be dining in a 5-star restaurant. It will be a journey of extreme contradiction and extreme majesty. And if you’re fortunate enough to finish this epic journey,  you’ll join an exclusive club of fellow adventurers who come from all four corners of this world and who come from all sorts of different backgrounds and degrees of wealth. And when you’re sitting by a campfire late one night in the middle of the majestic barrenness of the Mongolian plains, with your Model A parked next to someone else’s Rolls Royce or Mercedes, and you’re sharing a drink of good Scotch (scotch is, by the way, exempt from the weight restriction!) while gazing at the stars, you’ll realize that we’re all equal in this world and that you’re one of the luckiest men on earth at that very moment!

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